Our Methodology

We carefully plan our litters using a “Selective Breeding” process that involves selection of the best possible match between the Dam and Sire to bring out the most desirable characteristics in our German Shepherd Dogs.  We invest in the use of a highly recommended and proven stud from championship bloodlines.  This is our practice of choice because we want to increase the genetic diversity of the puppies and merge the best qualities from both bloodlines.

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Litter A-E Whelped on September 17,2021

Three boys and two girls.  Kennel names – Atlas, Breeze, Chief, Duke, and Ellie.  Some owners choose to keep kennel names and others wish to rename puppies.  Autumn’s House of German Shepherds provides a Pre-paid AKC Registration and 3 generation pedigree with the new owner’s chosen name for each puppy.

Dam and Sire of Litter A-E

The Dam, Autumn Luna vom Haus Neufus is from world championship bloodlines.  She is the granddaughter of World Champion Diaz von Veterinaria, VA BSZS 2016, VA NL 2016.  His world championship pedigree can be found on the Pedigree Database Website.  Autumn comes from a long line of world title holders

The chosen Stud for this litter is Fasap Danaos. Pictures and information on Fasap can be found on the Von Haus Wisenbaker website. Fasap is the son of 2x World Champion Asap vom Aldamar, VA (BSZS + B) 2019. His world championship pedigree can be found on the Pedigree Database Website.  Fasap has the highest working title IPO 3 formally known as Schutzhund. He comes from a long line of world champions. Click on the link below for more information.


The next planned breeding is tentatively scheduled for June/July 2022