Healthcare of Our Dogs

A healthy puppy begins with a healthy Dam. Our Dam receives top notch healthcare from our friends at Gunston Animal Hospital located in Lorton, VA. Our first dog and longtime friend, Redd VIII receives the same level of healthcare, which ensures that no common canine diseases are inadvertently transmitted to the puppies.

All our adult German Shepherd Dogs are healthy and receive annual examinations, are tested for heartworms, and internal parasites annually. They remain up to date on all vaccines that protect against common diseases such as, Distemper/Parvo, Bordetella, Rabies, and Canine Influenza. On a monthly basis we use an oral preventative treatment against heartworm disease and use a topical treatment against fleas and ticks.

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Breeding Health of the Dam

Autumn receives her canine reproductive healthcare from World Renown Canine Reproduction Expert, Dr. R. Scott Dove, owner of Companion Animal Clinic of Gainesville, Virginia and receives her Canine Obstetrics Care from Dr. Samaj Kunze of Winning Care Veterinary Service, who is board certified in Veterinary Reproduction and Pediatrics.

Autumn Luna vom Haus Neufus is registered with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) and has been tested for Degrative Myelopathy (DM) with results of N/N. Her Elbows were evaluated, and results are on file with the OFA certified as Normal. Autumn also received a Hip evaluation at the age of 3 years and results show very mild dysplasia. Autumn has no known ancestry of hip dysplasia and both parents are registered with the OFA as clear of Hip Dysplasia

Autumn - OFA DM Results
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Autumn - OFA Elbow Results
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Autumn - OFA Hip Results
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Puppy Nutrition

The nutrition of our puppies begins at conception. Autumn is fed a high-quality diet consisting of freeze-dried premium raw, dehydrated human grade food, homemade prepared whole food, and an award-winning whole-prey dry kibble. Foods are rotated throughout the week and supplemented with a canine prenatal vitamin.
After puppies are born and during the nursing period, Autumn takes a post-natal vitamin to ensure the nutritional needs of the puppies are met. Around 3 weeks of age puppies begin the weaning period by taking a puppy milk replacer and are introduced to soft high-quality large breed puppy food and human grade puppy food mixture, both containing DHA and EPA and the recommended calcium and phosphorus levels for large breed puppies.
Puppies are dewormed at the age and intervals recommended by our veterinarian and receive checkups at 6 weeks of age and within 3 days of going to their forever homes.
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All Puppies come Microchipped with a pre-paid enrollment in AKC Reunite’s Recovery Service prior to going to their forever homes. Follow the instructions in the pamphlet in your Puppy Folder to enroll your puppy for the lifetime of the dog at no cost to you. Any extra items beyond the pre-paid enrollment for AKC Reunite’s Recovery Service are at cost to the new owner.

Safety of the Puppies