About Us

Charmayne and Don established Autumn’s House of German Shepherds, LLC, out of love for the German Shepherd Dog breed. We named our kennel after our girl Autumn as she was our inspiration to become hobby breeders of West German Show Line German Shepherd Dogs. Both Charmayne and Don are retired U.S. Army Warrant Officers and Service-Disabled Veterans, having served their country for 28 years and 32 years respectively.

Don has owned German Shepherd Dogs on and off for over 40 years and introduced Charmayne to these loyal and loving Companions in 2015. Charmayne instantly fell in love with her first dog, Redd VIII and began her breeding education with the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 2017 and continues with her education.

We are starting our breeding program with Autumn. Autumn is a beautiful black and red, long stock coat German Shepherd Dog with a very loving and playful personality. She is full of so much energy and life. She wakes you up with a kiss and tells you good night with a kiss. We adopted Autumn not long after we lost our first girl Ginger at the age of 2 years to cancer. It was very devastating to our entire family, especially to Redd, who lost his absolute best friend. Autumn came into our lives a few months later and brought us so much joy. She has a heart of gold. Redd is the 2nd man of the house and is our faithful friend and protector. Redd is not a part of our breeding program.


As a tribute to the brave men and women who have faithfully served this Nation, our goal in 2022 and every 2 years thereafter, is to select one puppy for training and certification as an Emotional Support Dog. After a careful vetting and selection process of a Wounded Warrior/Service-Disabled Veteran or other Disabled First Responder (Firefighters, Law Enforcement, and EMS), we will donate the Emotional Support Dog to a qualified individual.

Our admiration and respect for these brave men and women, who have sacrificed so much for the protection of this great Nation, goes just as deep as our love for the German Shepherd Dog. We understand first-hand, the therapeutic value of having a faithful and loyal companion by your side and we want to Pay-it-Forward.


wounded warrior